My Teeth Enamel is Not White - Will Zoom Work?

do you think zoom will whitening my teeth?

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Zoom does whiten teeth

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The real question is, will it whiten enough to satisfy you?  That...  is hard to say.  If you want them whitER, then Zoom works.  If you want them as white as they can possibly get, then maybe not.  KöR whitening is the most effective process, and Zoom can be a step in this process.

Whitening effectiveness comes from 3 factors: gel concentration, frequency and duration.  Lower concentration gel for 8 hours per night for 3 weeks can have better results than high concentration for 1 hour done only once.

It all comes down to goals and expectations.

Zoom will whiten your teeth.

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What I do in my office is include trays into the treatment so that you can continue whitening after treatment or do touch ups later on

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Zoom Whitening makes a nice and dazzling Smile

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Zoom whitening works for the most of the patients. Not all results are the same.  Zoom  whitening works great but there are some restrictions like : low  thickness of enamel ,existing fillings ,hypo or hypercalcification,chipped enamel,sensitive tooth,erosion . After getting the whitening you should avoid drinking beverages like coffee, tea and do not smoke.

Bruce Vafa, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

Teeth whitening

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There is no question, Zoom will make teeth whiter. It does really works, as long as you understand that technology works differently on different teeth. In other words, if you want to lighten and brighten your teeth several shades, this treatment is right for. Usually darker the teeth, the better results one can expect.

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