Teeth Are a Disaster. What Are My Options? (photo)

I had one of my front permanent teeth knocked out when I was in elementary school. The dentists just shoved it back in and tied it to the next and apparently became lankosed to the bone & overlapping the other. When I got braces in middle school, the ortho didn't realize this and my teeth were not moving and if so, only for the worse. Eventually, I just got 2 veneers on the front two teeth. Now they look just as bad as before. I've tried everything, wasted time in a horrible dentistry, what do I do?

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Afer having your tooth knocked out, the tooth that was traumatized most always needs to have a root canal due to the dying of the nerve in that tooth.  If this is not treated, the tooth will turn black and this makes it a little more challenging to treat with a simple veneer.  The thin porcelain of the veneer is not able to mask the darkened color of the non-vital tooth.  I reommend you have this tooth treated with a root canal and then have it evaluated for a crown.  If your dentist feels that a crown is the best option for this tooth then have that done as well. A crown, unlike a veneer, usually has a metal substructure and porcelain on top of it.  As a result, it can block the darkened color of the tooth much better.  I also recommend you have the other tooth that was treated with a veneer examined carefully to make sure the lab and your doctor can match the new crown to that veneer.  This can be very challenging to do sometimes, and it may be recommended that you have that restoration on the other tooth re-done at the same time so that the lab can match them better. 


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