Can I Move to Invisalign Express?

I'm on aligner #8 (5th month) and have 19 aligners to go. Because I initally wanted to correct minor crowding on my bottom teeth, I was shocked to hear it would take so long. I had the shaving done and 9 attachments applied during the 3rd month of treatment. At this point, I'm contemplating having the whole process stopped if I can't move this along quicker. I was not told about an express system, and I feel like I didn't have all the facts before I agreed to get the Invisalign.

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The "Express" system does not move teeth faster

 InvisAlign express is simply another treatment option that Invisalign offers for very simple alignment issues. It is called "Express" because it comes with a maximum of 10 sets of Aligners and the case must be simple enough to be completed within the 10 aligner sets. This option has a lower price point.

Suwanee Orthodontist
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Not recommended for you to move to Invisalign express

You should have voiced your concerns about lenth of treatment to your dentist when you started the treatment. It's best you bite the bullet on this one and finish out the current treatment or your bite could suffer. You only have 9 months left!

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
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Invisalign Express... it doesn't move teeth faster...

Invisalign Express isn't a faster way of moving teeth with Invisalign. It is simply the name for a product that allows for only 10 trays because the dentist/orthodontist feels it would only require 20 weeks worth of movement to correct the malocclusion. In other words, only those requiring very minor tooth movements are good candidates.

Please note that the rate of tooth movement is the same.

Jason K. Tam, DDS
Toronto Orthodontist

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