Okay to Get A Teeth Cleaning AFTER Zoom! Bleaching?

I got my teesth cleaned and bleached by Zoom a year ago. Is it ok if I get them cleaned again these days or will it reduce the effect of the whitening? Thanks

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Having clean teeth ensures best whitening results

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We recommend having a recent cleaning performed before the whitening.  The zoom whitening gel cannot penetrate through plaque, calculus or other debris.   Having clean teeth ensures best whitening results. Good Luck!

Manhattan Dentist

Getting teeth cleaned after zoom

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Your zoom was completed one year ago, its effect last 3-6 months.  You need to get your teeth cleaned 2x per year.  It is time to get your teeth cleaned.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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It is OK & Recommended To Clean Your Teeth After Zoom

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Not only is it OK to clean your teeth professionally 1 year after Zoom Whitening, but why did you wait so long? The average patient with healthy teeth and gums should have them professionally cleaned twice a year. People with gingivitis (gum disease) should have it done every 3 months! By avoiding it for so long, you are just allowing your teeth to stain more, thus defeating the whole purpose of the Zoom. Zoom bleach does not wear off the teeth by having them cleaned.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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Should be fine

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If it was a year ago, there should be no problem! The effect of Zoom generally starts to wear off in 6 months so cleaning your teeth should not pose a problem.

Aria Irvani, DDS
Irvine Dentist

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