Is It Best to Have Your Teeth Cleaned Prior to Having the Zoom Whitening Done?

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Yes its a great help..Cleaning first,Zoom second.

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A good cleaning makes greats sense because it removes all the stain so the whitening gel can do a better job on the enamel. Also you are able to see if there's any cavities that need to be fixed before the Zoom is done...Dr Thomas

Los Angeles Dentist

Have Your Teeth Cleaned Before ZOOM

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Prior to Zoom whitening, an initial exam and evaluation by the dentist as well as a cleaning to remove plaque stain and debris needs to occur for optimal results.  The zoom whitening procedure consists of 40 minutes to prepare and isolate the soft tissues and teeth. It is then followed by three 15 minute intervals of whitening with the gel painted on the teeth and the zoom light in position. Once this is completed a soothing gel is painted on the teeth and post op instructions are given.  I alway recommend, in fact i require my patients to have their teeth cleaned before a Zoom treatment.

Benjamin S. Fiss, DDS
Chicago Dentist

Hygiene Visit Best Before Whitening

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Yes.  If you have plaque and tartar on your teeth, they will inhibit the whitening solution from working optimally.   Also, when your hygienist polishes your teeth at the end of your cleaning visit, the surface stains will be removed.  This, in addition to the whitening procedure, will give you the best result for brightening your smile.

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Dental cleaning before Zoom

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It's extremely important for good results that teeth are clean and tartar free before any whitening procedure.  The whitening gel cannot penetrate through plaque and calculus. So, you will get spotty results if teeth are not cleaned prior to the zoom whitening treatment.



Peter Mann DDS

Peter Mann, DDS
Manhattan Dentist

Teeth Cleaned Prior to Having the Zoom Whitening Done

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Absolutely! You will be much happier with Zoom! results.

With your dental health in mind,

Dr. Ayzin

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