Are There Different Techniques For Brazilian Butt Lift?

Are there different techniques for fat grafting to the buttocks? If so what are they and how are they different?

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Brazilian butt lift and different techniques

 Brazilian butt lift is a procedure become popular in the United States over the past 4 to 5 years. as it becomes more popular more surgeons are beginning to the procedure in each surgeon will adapt a procedure to a way that works best for them. There are general concepts you must follow in order to get a good reproducible results  but each surgeon bring his own artistic sense to the surgery and produced a unique result.

This is true of all types of cosmetic surgery surgeons may have similar techniques but they will never be exactly the same.

Your job as a patient is to communicate with your doctor what result you would like to have in your doctors job is communicate to you what result he thinks he can produce and the 2 of you must come to a mutual understanding.

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Brazilian butt lift techniques

There are factors that vary with the fat transfer procedure that are currently a topic of debate:

1. Machines used to harvest the fat

Machines, such as the suction-assisted liposuction (traditional liposuction), are typically the standard. This machine with the right setting does not injure the fat.
The ultrasonic liposuction machine, the VASER or laser lipo,  is not recommended.

2. Preparing the fat

a. Spin the fat to remove non- fat tissue.
b. Rinse the fat with saline.
       Recent studies show that minimal handling of the fat gives better results than the “cleaning and washing approach.”

3. Add a product to improve survival of the fat like platelet gel (growth factors from your own blood).  Some studies have shown it improves the survival of the fat.

4. Inject the fat into the gluteus muscle. The fat needs blood supply and the muscle is a very robust recipient site that improves the survival of fat. This has been clearly documented on patients that have had a Brazilian butt lift and are followed with MRI studies.

Always ask your surgeon to show you before and after pictures of the long-term results at least 6 months after surgery. Anybody can make a butt look good the first three months after surgery due to swelling. If the procedure is not done right, the fat can be reabsorbed and, consequently, you will have suboptimal results.


Techniques for Brazilian Butt Lift Vary, as do Outcomes

Hi there-

There are almost as many variations on the technical points of performing a Brazilian Butt Lift as there are surgeons performing the procedure.... No particular technique has been proven to be superior to another.

On the other hand, there is a great deal of variability in the aesthetic outcomes produced by different surgeons.

My advice would be to locate a surgeon you believe will keep you safe (see "How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon, Part 2"), and who's outcomes demonstrate the lovely appearance you would like for yourself.

When reviewing these photos, also keep in mind that some photos demonstrate the immediate outcome (less meaningful) and some the long term outcome (much more valuable).


Brazilian Butt Lift Techniques...

Yes there are several different techniques that are often used for the Brazilian Butt Lift.  There are different ways of harvesting the fat, different machines that can be used, different ways of preparing the fat as well as different ways of injecting the fat.  I do not think that there is any scientific proof of one technique being better than another.  You may find 10 surgeons who each use a different technique, but all of whom have excellent results.  You may also see 10 other surgeons who use the same techniques as the first 10 but whose results do not compare.  When searching for a surgeon, be sure they are Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, and be sure they can show you before and after photos of many of their patients who have results similar to what you are looking for. 
Good Luck

Brazilian Buttock lift

There are different Gymics.

Brazilian butt lift has been studied intensly.

Gentle removal of fat

cleaning the fat

transfering the fat in a three dimentional matrix.

These are the standards. there are lots of marketing tools depending on which machine the dr. has invested in and wants to use, and impress yo to gain the surgery.


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