Technique to Help Skin Retract After Explant?

Other than compression, what other techniques can be done to help the skin retract after explantation? I have read some women use ice to help. I know it's best to consult with my surgeon, but I'm just curious what other surgeons tell their patients? I'm 23, 5'6", 115 lbs. Small B before surgery. 300cc silicone gel R, 280 L. Under the muscle.

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Skin retraction after breast explantation

Unfortunately there are no easy remedies for the skin when implants are removed from the breasts.  Over time things usually settle down.

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Technique to Help Skin Retract After Explant?

Sorry,  but I do not have any “magic” that I can share with you. I tell my patients that the most important factor, besides skin elasticity concerns, is “tincture of time”. In other words, patience is required after breast implant removal; it will likely take many months for patients to see the final results achieved. I think that the use of superficial lotions,  massage, and/or any other "miracle technology" etc. will make minimal to no difference to the long-term outcome  achieved.

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