Technique for Breast Implant Removal After 2 Wks and Result?

i am 31 years old and underwent breast augmentation a week and a half ago. i was a 34b previously and after having 300cc nagor impleo implants am currently a 34d. it was a huge mistake as i was unaware for how i would feel emotionally about having foreign bodies in my breasts. my surgeon has never removed implants that have been in for a short amount of time so i wanted to check what the right technique is i.e does the capsule have to be removed? use drains etc? will my breasts look like before?

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Breast implant removal at 10 days

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Given the modest size of the implant and the brief time they have been in, it is very likely that your breasts will approximate their pre-operative appearance without implants.

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Removing breast implants at two weeks

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It is not too unusual for patients to have doubts or regrets regarding their implants during the initial healing period (two weeks) and it is not possible to judge the size, shape, and look or feel during the first two weeks. I would not agree to remove implants that are healing uneventfully before three months. I also would not agree to change them to a different size before three months. 

However, if the implants were removed at two weeks and the incision to put them in is in the inframammary crease (the best place to put it) then it's a simple procedure to remove them which can be done with local anesthesia only in the office. Assuming there were no other healing problems, there is no need to do anything to the capsule, use a drain, or require much recovery restrictions. Assuming the implant was reasonably sized and positioned and the breast was not distorted by the procedure to put it in, then the breasts should look the same as they were. A breast implant acts like a pillow behind your breast. This would also be true at three months but would not necessarily be true years later as breasts can change over time with or without implants. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
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Breast implant removal

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Removing implants at 2 weeks will probably only require removal.  As to the question of how they will look, they probably will look similar to what you looked like before surgery.

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Removing breast implants

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It is not unusual for some patients to have a general dysphoria or depressed mood after surgical procedures.  I have seen this occur several times and these patients improve over a few weeks and then generally love their new bodies. However, this is not the case for everyone.  If you feel that you made a bad decision in having your surgery, then you would be better off taking the implants out sooner rather than waiting too long for a capsule to form or for the skin to stretch too much.  If you are sure you want them out, you can have this done under local anesthesia and your skin will likely shrink back down to nearly the same as before the surgery.  You will also not need drains if you do this prior to 6 weeks when a definate capsule has formed. Hope this helps.

Erez Sternberg, MD
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Removing breast implants

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Make sure this is really what you want, but the capsule will most likely not need to be removed.  You'll most likely need drains, however.

Implant removal

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Typically the patients that are unhappy with their implants early after surgery are quite satisfied at six months.  If the implants are removed this early a capsulectomy does not need to be performed.  Drains may or may not be useful.

Removal of Implants

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Breast augmentation patients occasionally request the removal of their implants after they’ve been in place for a relatively short duration of time.  When this situation occurs, patients are often suffering from adjustment reactions.  These reactions often spontaneously resolve with the passage of time.  Unfortunately there are patients who aren’t able to adjust to their new implants and want them removed as soon as possible.

When this scenario arises implant removal is a relatively simple task.  In most cases, the patient’s previous incisions are re-opened and the implants removed.  It’s unusual for patients to require a capsulectomy or the use of drains under these circumstances.

                  Removal of implants that have been in place for less than six weeks wouldn’t be expected to alter the pre-operative appearance of the breasts.  In this situation, the breast would be expected to return to their original appearance once post-operative swelling had resolved.

If you’re considering removal of your breast implants in the immediate post-operative period, it’s important to thoroughly discuss this issue with your surgeon before proceeding.  In many cases, patients will become comfortable with their implants with the passage of time.  For this reason, it’s important to delay explantation whenever possible so patients have adequate time to adjust to their new implants.  

Breast implant removal and capsule or drains?

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Sorry that you feel this way. The technique is to remove them through the same incision as they were placed. Likely no drains and no capsule removal. But most are up to surgeon. 

Breast implant removal technique

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At two weeks postop, you are still swollen and you may want to consider waiting a little bit to reassess the operative result. For some women, it takes time to adapt to the new size of the breasts so I generally recommend that you reconsider after another month. The implants are removed simply through the same incision and this is a minor procedure. With implants in for such a short time period and given the size, I would not anticipate any untoward consequences. Capsulectomy and drains should not be required.

Breast Implant Removal 2 weeks after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question and picture. Removal of breast implants after 2 weeks does not necessarily require “capsule removal”  or the use of drains.  it is likely that your breast will look like they did before the breast augmentation.

More importantly, make sure you are making the correct decision;  it is not useful for patients to undergo significant emotional “ups and downs” after surgery...

Best wishes.

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