Pearl Laser by a Technician?

I am considering the Pearl laser treatment but it will be done by a technician. Should I look for a new doctor elsewhere?

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Pearl laser technician

If your provider is experienced , it should be fine.  Having said that , the Pearl Fractional laser is  a deep and difficult treatment. It would be advisable to make sure that a doctor or licensed nurse who does a lot of fractional treatments  would be present during the treatment. That would be my preference.

Montreal Physician
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Pearl Laser

Many are being done by a Technician.  You should see a Board Certified Dermatologist or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and if they have a licensed provider RN, PA, FNP, and are comfortable with them doing your treatment, you should be under good care.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Laser Resurfaing should be done by a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon

The laws in the U.S. vary greatly from state to state as to who may perform laser surgery. In general, state laws are becoming stricter because there has been so may bad outcomes and lawsuits involving cases where a patient was treated by a non-physician. Dermatologists study only the skin for 3 continuous years and are intimately familiar with the biology, physiology, and treatment of diseases of the skin. During residency training, many of us have performed thousands of laser procedures under strict guidance, and this is also where we learn to deal effectively with complications of laser surgery. A one day course can never replace this. Experience matters. Take the treatment of your skin very seriously, do your research, and this will enable you to have the best outcome. Take care, Dr. Groff

William Groff, DO
San Diego Dermatologist
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Ablative Resurfacing should only be done by a board certified physician.

Buyer beware! In some states it may be legal for a non-physician to perform medical procedures, but even if it is legal, it is a poor decision to have a technician perform an ablative resurfacing. I would rethink any decision that involved a non-physician performing these types of procedures.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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MD Not Tech

I concur with Dr. Katz. He is fortunate to practice in a state better regulated than Virginia. We in Virginia are beginning to see the folly of allowing unskilled and/or non-MD people use potentially scarring machines. I would opt to have an experienced physician perform your procedure, even if the cost is more.

His advice regarding compilcations is pertinent. You want a physician who knows skin care and the healing process to be available were an untoward event occurs. Obviously, a dermatologist or plastic surgeon would be such an expert.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist
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Pearl laser by technicians

Here in Pennsylvania technicians cannot perform ablative laser type of treatments including Pearl, ActiveFX, Fraxel re:Pair, etc. Why take a risk!? It's your face and what happens to it is there for everyone to see. Go to a well trained and experienced physician with laser experience in all lasers. And, if in the rare case you do have a problem or complication, that physician should be able to treat it.

Theodore Katz, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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