A Technician Did Laser Hair Removal on my Underarms, Including on a Small Scar, Which Now is Lighter. Is This Permanent?

Recently, I been getting laser hair removal done on my underarms. This past visit, the technician said, "Do you have a scar on your underarm?" I said that I have had it for the past few years from a sympathectomy surgery. She passed over the scar with the laser and now it appears even more prominent and lighter than before. Will the scar soften back up and regain pigment in time or is this look permanent? Also, is there anything that I can put on the scar to improve the look of it? Thank you

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Scars CAN lighten with Laser Treatment

Thanks for your question!  Laser treatments are often used to SOFTEN SCARS and LIGHTEN SCARS. People often come to my office for c-section scars that are raised and red and laser therapy can lighten and soften the scar. In your case, the prominence should subside but your scar may stay lighter especially if you continue treatments for hair removal. Using sunscreen may help limit more changes to the look of your scar.

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