Tear Trough Loss of Volume - Which Filler?

In the pastI have had juvederm for tear trough filling with good results even though not exactly what I wanted. I trust the PS I had viisited and he also pointed out that could be bc of the thiness of my skin ( true) I have heard also that sculptra and radiesse are used as fillers. I understand that the chemical composition of each filler is different I just want to know which one would have the best effect. I am 35 and have the sunken eyes that come with age but no major wrinkles.

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Tear troughs

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Some people have a genetic tendency to have deep tear troughs at a relatively young age.  Fillers are just ok for this and can give variable results.  They can also be risky in this area.  I often prefer doing a more definitive procedure.  This is a transconjunctival lower eyelid blepharoplasty with a fat transposition.  As long as you have enough lower eye lid fat ("bags") to move, in this operation the fat of the lower eyelid is moved into the tear trough through using an incision from inside the eyelid.  In the Web reference below is a lnk to a 37 year old patient of mine.  There is also a 39 year old in the same gallery.

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Tear trough filler recommendation - Restylane

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From experience, Restylane (a hyaluronic gel filler) is a best first option. The gel will fill the depressed area smoothly and lasts about a year for most people. It can also be dissolved which takes the anxiety away for those who wonder "what if I don't like it"?

(Chances are low that you won't like it. Our patients love the quick and easy solution to looking more rested, more energetic and even younger.)

Other types of fillers are far riskier and require some very experienced hands. With the potential risks, you are safer staying with Restylane.

We use tiny smooth tipped cannulas now to place the filler, so there are few needle sticks which make the experience as close to painless as possible and reduces bruising risk fairly dramatically.


Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD
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Tear trough fillers

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I prefer to use restylane along the tear trough in most patients because it is a very forgiving product in this respect.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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