Why Am I Having Tingling Sensation After Tear Trough Injections?

belotero injected into my tear troughs 8 days ago w/ botox over one eyebrow (2 units). I posted about tingling and twitching afterwards. Now at 8 days post I still am having these tingling sensations and what seems like a tightness between my eyes. sometimes out around my temples/ behind my ears. tingling comes and goes (is worse at night when laying down but it often extends to most of the top of my face and head? any ideas on what this may be Also my left eyes seems to water occasionally.

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Tingling after Belotero in tear troughs ?

What you are describing sounds like nerve sensation.  Without an exam it's hard to know what is going on.  I would advise you to see a qualified physician to be evaluated for nerve injury or other possible medical condition.

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