Can Tear Trough Implants and Submalar Cheek Implants Be Placed at the Same Time?

I have hollowness in the tear trough region under my eyes, as well as flatness to the inner cheek area (although I have nice cheekbone structure in the outer cheek area). I am wondering if it is possible to have both tear trough implants and submalar cheek implants placed during one surgery? I have already been told that I would indeed be a good candidate for either of these procedures. Thanks in advance for the input!

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Tear Trough and Submalar Cheek Implants

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If you are a candidate for tear trough and submalar implants, it woulod be advantageous to place both at the same time. It is always better to have one operation and one one period of recovery whenever possible. 

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Submalar and Tear Trough Implants Can Be Done At The Same Time

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Both submalar and tear trough implants are less frequently used than more traditional chin and cheek implants. They add volume to very unique and aesthetically sensitive facial areas that are often deficient or more flat. It is most important that the patient and their plastic surgeon are absolutely in tune to exactly where they want the implants to be placed and the areas to augment. These are some of the most difficult facial implants to position correctly and the fact that they are paired adds to the complexity of getting perfect placement. It is perfectly logical to place the two types of implants together given that the same intraoral incision can be used.

Tear trough and submalar implants can be done together.

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Tear trough and submalar implants can be done together. It is important to discuss with the surgeon EXACTLY where you want the implants placed.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Tear trough and submalar cheek implants

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Yes, both implants can be placed at the same time. However, a combined malar/submalar implant might be the better option with one implant rather than two individual implants. It is technically harder to make two individual pockets rather than one larger pocket to place the implants. The implants are placed through the gingival sulcus just above the upper teeth.  

Fillers are replacing cheek implants.

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Skilfully applied Restylane or Juvederm Ultra in the tear trough , and deep Radiesse injections in the cheek bones, are safer (no infection, malposition, or nerve damage), do not involve surgery, and last at least two years.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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