Considering Tear Trough Filler or Surgery... What Should I Do? I'm Only 25.

My Tear Troughs have a slight sunken deformity.I strongly dislike it because it gives me a sad/worried look on my face and I do not like how I look in photos.I also dislike my slightly wide nose bridge as well. My upper eyelid looks kind of sunken in as well.How can i fix that part of my eye? What kind of filler would be best? Are there any permanent solutions besides fillers? Could cheek implants be an option?

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Tear trough solutions?

Due to heredity and sometimes the aging process, the "tear trough" becomes more prominent than desired. A combination of thin skin, some translucency which shows some of the color of underlying vessels, and even darker skin all can produce a bit of sunken tissue & "tired appearance". Sometimes the upper eye orbit tissues accentuate this.   Options?   Very carefully administered injectable fillers performed by a well-trained physician in an unhurried manner can help "plump up" the tissues beneath the skin. Sometimes more than one session is necessary. These are not permanent but can be long lasting. But be careful:   when injected in a level that is not ideal, they may create an unwanted appearance which requires further treatment to correct. 

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Fillers for teartroughs

From the photos, I cant tell if implants would benefit you, but I would start with fillers, personally.  You can even "preview" the results with saline injections to try it out.  I think you might benefit from filler and then a chemical peel to the lower lids for a brighter appearance.

Frederick G. Weniger, MD, FACS, MBA
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Tear trough and filler

Fillers an be helpful for the tear trough region but will not treat pigmentation issues.  Best to be seen in person to evaluate this area and your nose.

Steven Wallach, MD
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