Possible Tear Trough ? Aged 19 Very Depressed and Would Like Some Advice Before I Make Any Brash Decisions. (Pics Attached)

Hello i have developed what looks like tear troughs or lines i dont know what too call them but they make me look old and horrible.I have been up and down in weight quiet alot due too bulking for gym i have also been on accutane which was a very mild course? I dont know whats causes it could it be the weight , accutane or genetics please give me some advice i am becoming very distressed. Thank you.

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"Orbital hollows"

What you are seeing is the outline of your orbit [eye socket]. This is not a very uncommon presentation in people, and is an anatomic normality in some patients. I would urge you to exercise caution at this age. Fillers might be a good temporary solution if you absolutely wanted to get something done.

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