Possible Tear in Muscle/tissue 12 Weeks Post TT, Will Imaging Show Whats Going on and Can It Be Fixed?

This is my 2nd TT to repair muscle laxity that wasn't tightened properly on 1st TT. I am feeling the same thing again that I felt after my 1st TT, stretching/tearing & 24-7 pain, with tiny bugle. The tiny bulge turned into a lot of muscle laxity, leading to me needing another TT. My ?'s are 1) Can a CT/Ultrasound/MRI show what is happening? 2) If my muscle/tissue has stretched/torn can it be repaired? 3) Should it be repaired now sooner than later, or wait till I'm done healing? Thank you!!!

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2nd Tummy Tuck and Failed Plication

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   Failed plication is rarely the result of technical error.  Failed plication is usually due to extremely weak fascia that will not hold sutures.  If the plication has failed a second time, you should consider if a third procedure makes sense.  Only the plastic surgeon knows how weak the fascia is and what should be considered next. 

Revision Tummy Tuck

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A CT or U/S can diagnose a true hernia, but may not tell whether your repair has failed.  That is probably a clinical diagnosis by the surgeon.  More importantly, if this has failed twice you should be very hesitant before proceeding with more surgery.  Seek secondary consultations and take your time seeking the right answers. Good Luck!

Possible Tear in Muscle

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1  Imaging is useful in looking for a hernia, not necessarily for the other possibilities here

2  If something is torn it would be fascia, not the muscle itself. Yes it can be repaired, but why did this break down twice, and might it happen again? Should the repair be supplemented with mesh?

3  Wait until it is healed and see if there is still a problem.



All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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Muscle hard to image

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Thanks for your question. This is tricky. I don't know if you have an issue with the quality of your muscle or if there are other issues. This would be best addressed by your surgeon regarding what they felt the quality of the muscle was at the time of surgery. It is unlikely that you would need a mesh reconstruction unless there is a true hernia. There are not really any good imaging tests that show just weakness. Hopefully the discomfort will begin to subside. Best of Luck!

M. Scott Haydon, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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