Tear Build Up 1 Month After Bletharplasty- Blocked Tear Duct?

I had upper and lower bletharplasty done approx 4 weeks ago. Right after procedure I noticed that tears were accumulation in the corner of my right eye. Is this a sign of blocked tear duct?

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Eyes are often dry after blepharoplasty and may require lubricating drops

It may not be a blocked tear duct.  Eyes are often dry after blepharoplasty and may require lubricating drops.  The dryness can actually cause excess tearing so lubricating the eye, even though it sounds counterintuitive, with lubricating drops may help the tears.  Over time this should get better.

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Tear build up after eyelid surgery...a blocked tear duct?

I would agree that it's certainly possible that one or more of your tear ducts are plugged after your upper and lower eyelid surgery causing the build up of tears.  The tear duct can sometimes be slight raised off of the eye itself and while not plugged, still not be able to take up tears.  IMHO, you should see an opthalmologist for an examination of the tear ducts.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Tearing after eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery does not affect the tear drainage system. Some patients can have increased tear production due to dry eyes. I recommend using artificial tears 3 to 4 times per day and consult with an oculoplastic surgeon if your problem does not improve with time. Hope this helps.

Kami K. Parsa, MD
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Eyelid surgery does not affect the tear drainage system.

However, dry eye can increase tear production and this can overwhelm a compromised tear drainage system.  I recommend that you give this another month or so.  If you are having dry eye symptoms, I would consider being assessed by your general ophthalmologist or an oculoplastic surgeon.  It is possible for the pump function of the eyelids to be temporarily or permanently damaged by eyelid surgery.  An oculoplastic surgeon can assess the situation and distinguish between the two.

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Tears after eyelid surgery

  If I was a betting person, I would almost certainly bet that this is NOT due to a blocked tear duct.  It can be due to incomplete blink (and lacrimal pump) mechanism, paradoxically to a latent dry eye, or to a little lower lid retraction/laxity, all of which will likely improve with the passage of time.  Relax!

Lawrence Kass, MD
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