Tear Above Belly Button After Tummy Tuck

Had tummy tuck about 2 weeks ago. Have followed orders, no exercise, wear compression garment, drink water, no lifting over 10 lbs, move slowly. I am back at work this week (drive to/from work - less than 3 mi.) and sit at desk job. I get up to go to the bathroom - but this is main daily activity. Concerned about line of skin above my belly button? It seems like ripping open, not sure if permanent damage: A. prevent worse tear B. repair current damage

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Tummy Tuck Maceration above the Belly Button

A few comments. You are looking at a maceration from the combination of the garment and humidity not a tear . I cannot advise you what to do but in my patients I would tell them to stop wearing the garment for a while and use antibiotic ointment to allow this area to heal by itself. In addition, your stitches (Prolene) have been there long enough and need to be removed.

Please, see your surgeon and ask his guidance in these two matters.

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Treatment of umbilical problem following abdominoplasty

From the picture, it is truly difficult to tell what is going on.  I would discuss this with your surgeon so that the evaluation would assess the problem and provide treatment recommendations. It could be due to tension, the binder/dressings, garments, etc.

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