Tca Peel. I Have a White Frost After I Have Rinsed is That Normal? It Still Burns? (photo)

i used 50% tca for a tattoo that i want to remove. there is a white frost over it after i have rinsed it is that normal ? and it still burns. i also put a&d on it ... can anyone help me ?

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Probably not the best idea to do that

First off, 50% TCA is not meant to be an "at home" peel.  It is very strong and should only be used by qualified individuals.  From your picture, it looks as if you did this on your finger.  I would have also advised against that.  A 50% TCA peel is way too strong for that location.


The frost after a TCA peel does not wash away.  You may have over peeled yourself, and there is a potential for you to scar.  I would advise you go see your local dermatologist in the meantime.  Keep the area moist with vaseline and hope for the best.

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