Is It Safe to Have TCA Peel After Vi Peel?

Need advice here! Had Vi peel 6-7 wks ago w/ little results. Pores/ice-pick scars bit smaller. Blemishes all back in 2-3 days & few small cysts partially under surface emerged.

I'm 38, hormonal, fair-skinned, with adverse reaction to salicylic acid products, have no herpes, but did start acyclovir on day of peel as precaution to problems.

Now, I'm considering 11% or 12.5% TCA (at-home). Is my skin ready for TCA or another?

Other suggestions (other than Laser resurfacing. I had YAG/Erbium done 11yrs ago, created most of the scarring I have)? Thanks everybody!

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TCA Peel after Vi Peel

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In general, large pores and ice pick scars do not respond well to either peels or laser treatments. In my experience, by far the best program for the complexion and etchings of the skin is with the use of a superficial peeling program with glycolic acid. Accordingly, a 50% glycolic acid peel performed on a monthly basis with the application of 10% glycolic acid twice a day at home will yield the best overall surface results in an invasive manner with no downtime. Our program is ongoing but it is relatively inexpensive. We have been employing our glycolic acid program successfully for 22 years and we have a large following of satisfied patients.

TCA peels

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TCA peels should be done by a doctor with experience with TCA.

The depth of the peel in TCA depend on the PH, The strength and HOW MANY LAYERS.

You can burn yourself and have permanent scars.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

TCA Peel after Vi Peel

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Over the internet, it's very hard to say. But you could do the TCA now. I would consult with a doctor first just to cover all the bases.


Dr. Blinski

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