TCA Peel Safe for Upper Eye Area?

I am having Hiatal hernia surgery 3/15/10 and a Plastic surgeson agreed to do a TCA peel 40% on face and 30% under eyes so I can recover from these at the same time. Now I think I want to ask him to do the upper eye area, is that safe?

Does the TCA get rid of the MILIA on my face and around my eyes or will the TCA make them more pronounced? He is even coming to my hospital room to do the TCA peel! What do I put on my face after the peel?

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TCA peels for eyes

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TCA peel is safe for the eye lids - upper and lower lids.

While you are asleep for the other procedure have the entire face done. That will give you even color, tones, and glow to the skin.

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