TCA Peel Strength Recommendation? What is the Max Strength With No Possibility of Complications?

Hello, My derm. recommended a medium 30% TCA (1.8pH) peel for my not very deep acne scars. I've read that a medium peel is either a TCA 50% or a comb of 35% TCA with another peel i.e.70%glycolic etc I have three questions: Is a 30% or a 35% TCA in practice a medium depth peel? Are there any potential complications with a 35 % that are not present with a 30%?- thats why my doctor recommended the 30%? What is the max strength of TCA where there is no possibility of complications? Thank you

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TCA peels

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TCA peels are a great treatment for discolorations of the face but there are associated risks with any concentration thus I do not recommend that TCA peels be done at home.

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