Will TCA Peel for Sebaceous Hyperplasia Leave Scars?

48 hours ago I had 30% TCA spot treatment all over my face for sebaceous hyperplasia. The Dermatologist prescribed me Altabax ointment and Cerave cleanser. I have about 30 white indented raw spots. Will this leave scars?

I have been drinking lots of water, taking extra C and E. I am 43 years old healthy and no other skin problems. I am JUST PETRIFIED that this will leave me scarred! I have had many other all-over chemical peels with no problems.

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Keep moist

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While this treatment is not my pick for sebaceous hyperplasia, 30% TCA should not scar if properly treated in the post-peel one week period. 1. Keep moist. 2. No sun. 3. No picking. Be sure you talk to your treating doctor, as he/she is your best resource for caring for your condition.

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