Is TCA Peel Safe After Being on Tazorac Gel?

I'm wondering if it is still safe to get a 7% TCA peel if I've been on the the Tazorac gel 0.1%? I've done it with Retin-A, but this is supposed to be stronger than Retin-A?

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TCA peels are safe after using Tazorac

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It is fine to do a TCA peel after having been on Retin A or Tazorac,  just stop them 1-2 days ahead of time but even if the patient didn't stop them ahead, it is still fine. Be sure to use a good cortisone lotion and a sunscreen afterwards.

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TCA peel after Tazorac gel

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In most people, a 7% TCA peel is unlikely to cause any complications (scarring, discoloration) even after Tazorac.  You may want, however, to discontinue the Tazorac for a couple of days prior to your peel.

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
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