Is TCA Peel Safe After Cortisone Injection?

Can I have 35% TCA peel (one month later) after I had cortisone injection? I had cortisone injection for treating the inflammable acne last month and right now my acne looks better and I am considering 35% TCA peel in the end of the month.

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You sure can.

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Thank you for your question.

You should have no problem with a TCA peel after getting a cortisone injection one month ago. Generally, cortisone injections last one month or less, and have nothing to do with chemical peels or other acne treatments. It will have no impact on your wound healing, and you should do just fine with any peel at any time after a cortisone injection.

Just as an aside, we usually do glycolic peels for acne and TCA peels for aging and photodamage. Please clarify which peel you are getting with your physician prior to doing it.

Hope this helps!

Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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