How Likely is It to Get Scars with a 25% TCA Peel, if Done Properly?

I've been reading all the reviews for TCA Peel and it seems that 50% of those who get the treatment have bad results. I'm afraid of being one of those people with bad results. How likely is it to get scars with a 25% TCA Peel, if done properly? I am currently using Glycolic 40% and Salicylic 30% so I have some experience with chemical peels. Do you recommend doing a lighter TCA Peel to start then increase the strength?

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Scarring with 25% TCA peel

In general, scarring is uncommon with 25% TCA chemical peels when administered correctly. To minimize the risk of scarring with chemical peels but also to ensure that the practitioner you are dealing with has a good understanding of how to manage potential complications, I would have the procedure performed by an experienced, board-certified physician in one of the cosmetically-oriented specialties - facial plastic surgery, dermatology.

Good luck.

San Diego Dermatologist
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TCA Peels do great if done by a doctor

It is rare to have a problem with a 25% TCA peel if done by your doc and cortisone creams are applied with daily sunscreen and followed up with a bleaching cream or Retin A after 1 week. If you do it yourself then you surely will have big problems. See your doctor.

David Hansen, MD
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