Raised Areas After TCA Peel

I had a TCA Peel (medium plus) two months ago, and I'm having an allergic reaction,  forming raised sufaces (some are red). On Thursday, I stopped using an ointment from my doctor, and felt relief. Will the raised areas (some are red and some not) eventually flatten? I'm using Dermovate cream, but I could not use it forever. My doctor started to inject the raised areas, probably steroids. What caused this reaction? A doctor here suggested Synalar ointment; is it safe to use for a longer period? Thank you.

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Allergic reaction and tca peels

The allergic reaction that you are having is unrelated to a tca peel from 2 months ago. The red areas can be a variety of conditions on the face from "urticaria" (ie hives) if truly "allergic". However, there are many conditions that cause "raised" "red" areas on the face and the treatments often include topical steroids. However, caution must be used when treating the face with topical cortisone as they should be weak, non fluorinated steroids and should only be used under a dermatologist supervision as they can cause other skin problems if not monitored such as perioral dermatitis, atrophy or telangiectasias.

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