TCA Peel Vs Laser Treatment for Sun Damage?

Which one is better for hyperpigmentation/sun damage? I've heard you can see just as much from a strong TCA peel as you can from a laser.

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Sun damage treatment depends

Sun damage can cause hyperpigmentation. It also can cause an increase in the amount of redness in your skin. This is the hard one for a person to determine. Hyperpigmentation can "mask" the redness caused by sun damage. If you just treat the brown, the red the actually looks worse = "I never had this before - I look worse after the skin treatment..."

So, you need to be evaluated by someone that knows the +/- of each modality, someone that can truly evaluate your condition and make the right treatment suggestions for you. The best way in my experience is to undergo photorejuvenation which reduces BOTH red and brown from your skin unless you only have brown. If you only have brown and maybe fine wrinkles, either laser skin resurfacing or chemical peel can be effective.

Hope this helps!

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