Best Products for Possible Forehead Burn from TCA Peel?

What are the best products to use to get rid of this possible TCA Peel burn on my forehead?

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Need professional advice at this point to determine best treatment

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There is no question that if applied incorrectly or by a non-medical person without experience a deep burn and scarring is possible. If you do not have a physician then it may be time to consider professional help. In the meantime be very careful with your skin. Wash with a non-detergent based soap and carefully pat dry. Topical steroid creams will also be beneficial. If the peel has actually penetrated too deep there may be nothing that can be due but allow the area to heal and then take care of any problems.

Without a picture it is impossible to say. TCA can cause scarring so I would make an appointment

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TCA can cause scarring.  It is important to find a dermatologist who does lasers and chemical peels to advise you on wound healing.  If  the area is red it is possible to treat it with cortisone creams.  It is important to be proactive to ensure the best result. 


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