Safe to Use TCA Peel to Remove Tattoo on Foot?

With removing tattoos on top of the foot, is a stronger solution necessary to get results? Is it safe to use TCA Peel on this area? Will there be scarring and hyperpigmentation after the treatments?

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TCA Peels are not the answer

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TCA Peels are not the answer for tattoo reomoval.  The risk for pigmentaton and scarring is far too great.

Bad idea

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The strength of TCA that MIGHT fade a tatoo is so strong it would definitely scar, especially on the foot. Please do not do this.

TCA peel for tattoo removal

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With the strengths of TCA required to remove tattoos, there is certainly a risk of scarring and pigmentary problems. This method of tattoo removal is very non-specific and in my opinion would cause too much collateral damage to normal skin.

My suggestion is that you go to a laser center with a board certified physician in one of the cosmetically-oriented specialties such as plastic surgery or dermatology. Lasers are a safer, targeted and preferred method for tattoo removal. Of course with all procedures including laser procedures, there are associated risks including scarring and pigmentary problems. It is your doctor's responsibility to inform you of these potential complications.

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

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