Is TCA Peel Safe on Skin with Eczema?

I want clearer skin remove dark spot.

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Eczema and pigmentation - How to treat

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Chronic inflammation can cause pigmentation, so it is not surprising that you may have pigmented areas of skin.  A series of light MelaPeels should work to improve the pigmentation in combination with Melaquin creams rather than a deep chemical peel.

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You want clearer skin and no dark spot without complications

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If I had a dark spot on my skin I would opt for a photofacial procedure which doesn't depend on taking off layers of skin as does a chemical peel. If your skin is dry and irritated any chemical placed on your skin will penetrate deeper and potentially have unwanted consequences. The only type of skin to do a chemical peel or resurfacing laser on is one which is intact. If your skin is overly dry or irritated remedy that with moisturizing lotions etc. first.

Good Luck!

Lenore Sikorski, MD
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