Severe Burns and Blisters After 50% TCA Peel

A family member did a 50% TCA Peel spot treatment on me (I have Indian skin), and after 7 weeks, and my face looks like the picture. My skin broke out in spots or blisters, swelled, went brown, peeled, then pus came out. I have  I was on antibiotics for a week. Now, it just looks like this and I am waiting for a dermatologist appointment. Some areas are above my skin and one by my chin is indented. I dare not put makeup on as it shows up and doesn't' cover. What do I do? Am I healing or not?  I'm scared that it's going to be permanent.

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Possible scarring after 50% TCA peel

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I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. 50% TCA is a very strong, and somewhat unpredicable, peeling agent. Even I, as a facial plastic surgeon with considerable skin resurfacing experience, consider it too unpredictable in my hands.

It is imperative you see a surgeon or dermatologist ASAP. You will likely benefit from prescription-strength topical or injectable corticosteriods, and possibly yellow-wavelength lasers such as the Pulsed Dye Laser to maximize your chances of recovery.

I wish you luck!

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