TCA Peel Aftercare

Today I received a 35% TCA peel from a dermatologist. I wasn't instructed to do anything special to my face prior to procedure. I have been reading that Retin A or other creams should be used prior. How important is that?

Also my aftercare is to wash 3 times daily w/ cetaphil and apply vit. E at night. I have read that Alpha Hydroxy should be used for better results and/or a bleaching agent. I obviously want to do whats best for optimal results. The peel was left on for 1min and 45 seconds and it a medium depth. Will you PLEASE advise me on the best method of aftercare? Thank you.

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Retin-A to help prepare for TCA peel

Using Retin-A prior to your peel helps to prepare your skin for the peel. As far as the after care, I instruct my patients to leave their skin dry - no cleansing, no moisturizer, for 48 hours. This allows your skin to become very dry, thus start to peel. After 48 hours, I have my patients cleanse with Cetaphil once a day until the peeling has stopped.

I also recommend that my patients use Aquaphor or Vaseline on any raw areas. After you finish peeling, I would recommend that you follow up with Retin-A and 4% hydoquinone to maintain your results, as well as a daily SPF of 35 or higher.

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