Would a 12.5-20% Home TCA Chemical Peel Work for Me?

I'm a 19-year-old African American with really bad acne scarring. I also used to have really bad acne, but Murad cleared it up. However, I still have hyperpigmentation, blackheads and other scars and have tried lightening gels and skin bleaching creams to no avail. I want to know if a 12.5-20% home or professional TCA peel would work. I've been doing research, but I'd like a professional answer. Thank you for all your help!

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TCA peels by your doctor would sure help

10-15% TCA by your doc would sure help your blackheads and hyperpigmentation but you can expect about 5-6 peels at 2 weeks apart at cost of 250 each. Don't dare consider a home TCA peel. Good Luck!

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