TCA Peel (8 to 12%) or IPL for a Little Skin Tightening?

i'm asian with very fair skin that freckles easily. I'm in my late 30's and have light brown/green eyes and medium brown hair. I'd like to tighten my skin a little bit (increase collagen) without doing a procedure that is drastic. I've heard that IPL increases collagen and tightens skin a little bit. I've also heard the same of a low-grade TCA peel. Which is better for me? I have a keloid scar from when a dermatologist removed a mole. Will that affect which procedure is best? For TCA peels-should I do a series of 8% peels? Or how many IPL's?

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Skin tightening

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A good regiment of skin care (OBAJI) and 30% peels will give you a very good results.

IPL has very limited proven tightening and collagen rejuvenation.

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