Is the TCA Cross Method Effective for Acne Scarring?

Has anyone used the TCA cross method sucessfully for acne scarring? I have rolling type scars on the side of my face. Any help would be apprecaited.

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The TCA cross method is helpful for some deep scars

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The TCA cross method is helpful for some deep scars, especially ice pick scars. This has nothing to do with the usual full face peel, but involves deep placement of very concentrated TCA only into deep scars. I have used it with good success, but it depends on the person and the scar

Metairie Dermatologic Surgeon

Treatment of acne scarring

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Chemical peels are not very effective for the treatment of deep acne scarring.  TCA is effective as a pre-treatment for ice pick acne scarring. (Cross Method)  I usually treat these deep scars first using a toothpick and 90% TCA.  This is then followed a few weeks later with resurfacing with SmartXide with a tight dot spacing and stacking to get deeper penetration.

Acne scars need deep peels

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Acne scars require a very deep peel of the skin.

The best treatment is Laser Resurfacing of the skin

Peels do not do much for acne scars unless they are deep as in phenol peel. But if you need to go that deep then the laser has better control.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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