TCA Chemical Peel for Enlarged Pores?

I'm an Afican-American with light brown skin, and I have enlarged deep pores on my face. Someone told me a TCA Chemical Peel would solve my problem. Will it really be helpful for enlarged pores?

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No, but it can improve the skin texture.

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Treatments including chemical peels, dermabrasion, lasers have not been proven to change pore size. A light chemical peel, and I would emphasize LIGHT in your case, can help improved the skin texture by exfoliating the superficial epidermal layer of skin. The treatment can often improve the APPEARANCE of pore size without actually changing pore size. Pore size, unfortunately, is largely an inherited trait.

I would caution you against getting an aggressive peel since it can can cause pigmentary problems in women of color. Light peels, however, including salicylic acid and Jessner's are reasonable options. I would seek a dermatologist or other qualified practitioner with experience in treating ethnic skin.

Good luck.

San Diego Dermatologist

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