TCA Burns: Will It Scar?

I had an 18% TCA peel done a week ago for acne scarring. It was done by a trained nurse/beautician who has her own clinic & it cost me 300e. She slopped the acid on my face so that it ran down my neck and back and even into my ears (thankfully it didn't reach my ear drums). The skin has now peeled, but in areas where the acid gathered on my neck, the new skin looks red and even a little rough textured. I've attached an example photo. Do you think this will scar? Can I prevent it?

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See a dermatologist ASAP

I am so sorry that this happened. It certainly sounds like the decision to allow this person do a medical procedure was a poor one in hindsight. Live and learn. Yes, TCA can burn and scar if not done properly. The redness you are having is the first warning sign that the skin may have been too deeply burned. The irregularity of the redness is troublesome as well. A board certified dermatologist should be your next stop. It should be one who regularly performs peels and lasers so they will know how to manage complications. Even a medical dermatologist may not know how to manage this inflammation, so seek one who does cosmetic procedures. Good luck.

New Orleans Dermatologist
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TCA peels should be performed by skilled doctors

TCA peels should be performed by skilled physicians with experience in using TCA peels. Typically, I would recommend only board certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons. We perform many TCA peels in our practice and they are safe and yield excellent results.

Steven Hacker, MD
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