Does TCA 10% Peel Cause Hyperpigmentation?

I have purchased TCA 10% home kit. Will it leave brown spots and hyper-pigmentation on my delicate wheat colored skin? I wanted to use it for under-eye wrinkles and dark eye circles, i want to lighten my under eye area.

So will TCA 10% will be effective. I do not have access to any other professional help. Seeking your kind advice. Thanks

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Any strength acid peel can cause hyperpigmentation under certain conditions

A 10 % TCA peel can cause hyperpigmentation if you get the skin irritated after the peel or you get a lot of sun on it .  Use a over the counter hydrocortisone cream and a good sunscreen after the peel.  Usually it takes 4-6 light peels to accomplish what you want.  Sincerely,

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