Can tazorac be used with sulfacet R?

I would use sulfacet during the day and tazorac at night. I have super oily skin so dryness wouldn't be a problem. I have been on tazorac for 6 weeks and have cysts on my jaw and wanted to just put the sufacet on my breakout areas

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Tazorac and Sulfacet R

Yes, it is okay to use these two medications together.  Sulfacet R contains an antibacterial agent, to kill acne-causing bacteria, and a drying agent which promotes shedding of the top layer of skin, in order to unclog pores.  Tazorac is a retinoid. Retinoids can unclog pores and with continued use prevent dead cells from clogging pores. Once the pores are unclogged it then allows other medications, like the Sulfacet R, to enter the hair shaft and fight any underlying infection.

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Tazorac and Sulfacet

Yes, They work in completely different ways and should compliment each other.  Both can be somewhat drying, if so add a facial moisturizer for the dryness

Stephen H. Ducatman, MD
Naples Dermatologist

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