How Long to Wait Between Laser Treatments for Tattoo Removal?

I have a tattoo on my right thigh, it's about 9 yrs old and 4inches long. I had my first laser treatment about 5 weeks ago. I really don't see a huge difference but I can see some of the letters lighten up a little bit. Should I wait 6 or 8 weeks before my next treatment!

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Interval between laser tattoo removal

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It is very rare to see significant fading of a tattoo with one treatment. the laser energy shatters the pigment into microparticles that get engulfed by macrophage cells which carry the particles away to distant lymph glands which process the material for the immune system. Waiting 4 to six weeks is appropriate between treatments but expect to have 10 to 12 or more treatments for a professional tattoo. Some colors take special lasers and more treatment to fade, and some don't seem to improve.

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Time to wait in between laser tattoo removal treatments

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The sweet spot for waiting in between treatments is 6 weeks.  This allows the skin to heal and the immune system sufficient time to clear some ink.  There is no harm in waiting longer.  The mistake is made in treating during a shorter waiting period such as 2 weeks.  This is a waste of money and could also lead to some skin pigment or surface changes.  Best regards. 

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