I Am Having a Tattoo Removed On My Stomach, It's Leaving Red Marks, How Can I Get Rid of These?

I am having part of a tattoo removed of my stomach with an ND YAG Q SWITCH LASER and it is leaving faint red marks and they are not going away, I am having a tattoo removed on my arm with the same laser and its not leaving any marks, is there any thing I can do to stop the faint red marks on my stomach

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The redness will fade on it's own over time.

The redness that you are getting following tattoo removal looks like post inflammatory erythema.  This should fade away after all of the treatments are concluded.  It may take a number of months for this to completely disappear.

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Tattoo Removal by Laser

If your skin is red, you may need to wait longer between treatments. The redness means there is extra blood in the skin and this can act as a shield making the laser treatment less effective than it otherwise might be.

Don't get in a hurry. Waiting a couple of months between treatments may make the total treatment take longer but probably will mean less treatment sessions and a lower total cost.

T. Wayne Day, MD
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