Can this tattoo be removed with the Revlite laser? (photos)

As im from Denmark, i only have the Revlite laser available to me. Will this laser be able to remove this tattoo you think? The guy at the clinic says it will, but i would like a second opinion also. Im not interesting in 70% removal, because i dont want a cover up. I want complete removal. Also its very expensive here, this treatment would cost more than 4700$, so i have to be sure its money well spend. The tatto is fresh (2 weeks), black ink, shading, with a LITTLE white lines here and there.

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Try the Picosure Laser

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Thank you for posting a photo of your tattoo. In order to permanently remove your tattoo I recommend the Picosure laser. This new laser will remove your tattoo in fewer treatments than all other laser without causing any harm to the surrounding tissue.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Tattoo Removal

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Your tattoo is the ideal type for removal with the Revlite Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser.  Areas of shading are very easy to remove and may clear with less than 5 treatments.  On the other hand black is difficult and if very dark, may require 15 or more treatments.
The Picosure laser has revolutionized the clearance of green and light blue colour.  It is probably slightly faster for black, however Revlite is also an acceptable option for black if you cannot access a Picosure laseer.

Phillip Bekhor, MBBS, FACD
Melbourne Dermatologist

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