Can my Tattoo Be Removed?

i want my tattoo removed. i got it a month ago. it is on the right side of my back. it has black outline, pink (mixed red and white to make it), it has blue, light blue, purple, and some white shading on it. my skin is brown, i am it possible to get it completely removed without any complications? i've done A LOT of research already on the different types of lasers, types of colors that are difficult to remove etc. but i'm wondering if it will be successful for me? thank you!!!!

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Tattoo removal

Yes your tattoo can be removed but will likely require several different lasers. For example, q switched lasers can remove darker colors well, but lighter colors are more difficult and require more specific wavelengths. Having said that , the most difficult color tO remove tends to be really light ones like white. You will undoubtedly require many treatments to achieve your desired result. Good luck!

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Can my Tattoo be Removed?

Hi Daisy.  Yes, it's possible for your tatoto to be removed.  The biggest challenge is the white colored ink.  Tattoo removal works when light energy from the lasers is absorbed by colored ink.  In the case of white ink, it is much more difficult for this color to be removed because it does not absorb a lot of light.

With all of the colors you have, it's possible to have the tattoo completely (or almost completely) removed, it just might take a lot of treatments.   Check the link below and call us for a free consultation as we are in Los Angeles as well.

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