Tattoo Removal On a Budget?

I have 2 small tattoos on is black ink and the other one is black with color. I got when I was younger and yes like most people I regret them. I have had 3 laser sessions done on each tattoo. I am a single college grad with student loan debt, needless to say laser sessions are not an option anymore. I am looking for a doctor that could cut them out at an affordable rate. My tattoos play a part in my low self esteem as the bother me and I just really want to get rid of them.

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Low Cost Tattoo Removal?

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Unfortunately, tattoo removal either by laser or surgical excision are both costly options and will always cost more than the actual tattoo itself.  If you are unhappy with the tattoo itself and not the fact of having them you may want to look at a cover up.  Cover ups are more cost effective than removal, but once you are able to, I recommend trying laser again, but with pain management. When using pain management during laser tattoo removal, we are able to use higher settings and achieve better results in fewer sessions. “Dr. D”

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