Laser Treatment on Wrist For Tattoo Removal, Now Left With Scar Tissue? (photo)

I have a small heart tattoo on my left inner wrist. I have had 11 laser treatments but since the tattoo left scar tissue it is taking a long time to remove all of the ink. I'd like to look into surgical excision since I already have a scar. Would I be a good candidate for this?

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Excision of the tattoo

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Do you know what type of laser is being used to treat the tattoo?  What color was the tattoo?  I find it surprising that after 11 treatments that it still persists and has scarred that significantly.  At this point you might be better off with excision of the scar.  I would seek a board-certified plastic surgeon that has knowledge on circular closure techniques in order to minimize the scar.  It might take more than one excision in order to minimize the size of the scar.

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