Tattoo Removal From Different Providers

So they said you get your treatments for tattoo removal every 6 weeks the thing is ill be moving in a month so i only can get one done in sf then ill be going to milwaukee. is it ok to have it done 2 different places? if they use different lasers is that ok?

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Should not be a problem to change laser specialists for your tattoo removal when you move

Although there are different brands of lasers, most tattoo lasers in use today are either "Q-switched YAG" or "Q-switched alexandrite" lasers. Both work fairly well for black colors but they might work differently for other colors (e.g. the YAG lasers don't do well removing green). Depending on the colors of your tattoo you may prefer one laser over another but othewise, as long as the provider is experienced and qualified it shouldn't matter that you had prior treatment elsewhere. The results of your first treatment will help your new doctor decide on best treatment. I'd recommend you bring to your new doctor a copy of your laser record identifying the laser you had and the settings.

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Multiple lasers for tattoo removal

It is ok to have different wavelengths used to treat the same tattoo at different times. For black tattoos, the ruby, alexandrite and neodynium-yag lasers work very well but may be indicated differently for patients with different background skin color. Multi-color tattoos can be stubborn and you will need multiple sessions to fade your tattoo. Often, but not always,  test spots are done prior to the first treatment and the response is evaluated prior to choosing the best energy settings for that wavelength. For this reason, it might be more practical for you to wait until you have moved to your new area and start then.

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Tattoo Removal from Two Doctors

The treatment intervals for laser tattoo removal is 4 to 6 weeks. For your situation, have your initial doctor write down the laser wavelength used, settings, and type of laser utilized. As long as you have done your homework on finding a qualified laser doctor in your new town, and armed with the information above, your following treatments should be just fine. Best of luck. Dr. D

Louis M. DeJoseph, MD
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