Will Tattoo Removal Work? (photo)

Ok so I got this tattoo about a year ago. I know its pretty big, and its on my back. Ive been regretting it lately, but I have considered laser removal. However, since it is quite large, is laser removal even an option for my tattoo? I know it will be very expensive, but how much will it be? and would it be possible to remove it eventually, and what would the turnout be like (scarring, pigmentation etc). Thankyou

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the size of a tattoo directly translates into the amount of ink that was placed inside the skin. the larger the size the greater is the amount of ink in the tattoo. Although laser assisted tattoo removal is one of the safer methods of getting it lighter/removed, large sized tattoos generally do not respond well to laser tattoo removal. its very difficult to predict the # of treatments required and there is no guarantee that it will be completely removed.

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Very Large

I am sorry; this tattoo may be to large to consider removing. To be realistic, you may not ever get rid of it completely.  Treatment would take years, even with an R 20 approach.  It would be fairly painful.  The treatments would need to be broken up into sections; you will not tolerate treating the entire tattoo each time.  You could have some thinning of the skin or scar with the treatments.  

Stuart H. Bentkover, MD
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Laser tattoo removal works for tattoos of all sizes

Hi, your best bet to get this tattoo removed is laser tattoo removal. It can be done on tattoos of any size but my recommendation is that you see a dermatologist with advanced training in lasers since that is the specialty that has pioneered and advanced laser tattoo removal. It will be more expensive than seeing someone in a spa but you will likely get a safer treatment with a lower risk of side effects. Possible risks with laser tattoo removal include temporary and permanent dyspigmentation, and scarring. How many treatments it requires depends on a variety of factors such as the ink density, the skill of the person treating you, the quality of the laser being used, etc etc. 

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