Number of Treaments for Tattoo Removal?

How many tattoo removal treatments will it take for me to get rid of the tattoo on my upper back (going across spine)? It is 4 small letters, small, basic, black, not bold.

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Tattoo removal methods have improved

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It used to be that if someone wanted to remove a skin tattoo, a surgeon excised it with a scalpel, usually in increments to help the tissue around it expand and cover the wound. Today, we can use laser removal. The laser light picks up the pigment and vaporizes it. It takes a series of treatments, and if a tattoo is very deep, there may be some scarring. But the method is far superior to that used in the old days, when we had to remove it surgically.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Tattoos are easier to get than remove

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Great question to which there is no exact answer. What is clear is that black is one of the easiest tattoo colors to treat. Amateur tattoos respond quicker than do those that are done in a professional tattoo parlor. Older tattoos respond quicker than do younger tatoos. What is clear is that you will need multiple treatments.

David Goldberg, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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