Tattoo Removal Forearm Question (photo)

So iv came to a decision on removing my forearm tattoo, although it holds great meaning to me, I regret the placement, lesson learnt for sure. (Location is on my left inner forearm.) My question is, is laser worth it?, how exactly will my skin look once the tattoo has been removed e.g. scars, marks? and could it be fully removed? how many treatments would you estimate for removal?, bit of info - I'm male. 19. pale skinned. just trying to gain as much knowledge as possible and correct a mistake.

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Laser Tattoo Removal on Forearm

The tattoo removal process generally consists of a series of laser treatments (I use the Alexandrite Q-Switch laser, as it is best on pigment removal). The physician usually numbs the area with a cream or injection or both, and the tattoo is outlined by the laser. After this, you'll have some redness and irritation on the tattoo, which you should keep moist with aquaphor at all times. Over a series of sessions, the pigment in the ink will break down and leave you without the tattoo. The ink will fade, so during the process you'll have varying appearance of the tattoo. If you see a physician who is experienced with the laser, you shouldn't have any permanent appearance of anything in the area when the treatments are over. Best of luck! 

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